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I make quilts for beds and for walls, for babies and friends and family.


Quilt Diary is a visual, textile record. For 100 days beginning in October, 2015 I made one 9" by 9" quilt block a day. Each acted as a journal entry, a window into my mood, my friends and family, my environment, and the little stories that have made up my life. I am a writer by profession, but I found the visual storytelling medium to be just as satisfying and fitting to chronicle my days. A block might contain a scrap of the day's sunset, a memorial to a lost friend, or something of visual interest to me from that day's journey. Quilt Diary became a 4 by 4 foot art pod in the 2016 exhibition Modular Art Pods at OZ Arts Nashville, and Quilt Diary #3 exhibited in Stitches + Stories, an exhibition at Watkins College of Art, Design and Film.


My quilt "Close Reading, Stitched" appeared in Embodiment: Poetry through the Five Senses by Stephanie Pruitt at OZ Arts Nashville. 

I also do commissions make modern memory quilts from baby clothes. Please contact me for more information.