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Prose Doctor, Cheerleader

I offer editing services in three stages: developmental content editing, copy editing, and proofreading. Please inquire for rates and references. 

For Creative Writers 

Whether you're just beginning to draft a memoir, are submitting work to literary magazines, or have many years of writing under your belt, I provide kind criticism and revision suggestions to creative prose writers of all stripes, as well as copy editing and proofreading services. Rates vary. 

For Artists

As an art critic, I have received some of the most persuasive artist statements--and the most cringe-worthy.  Your artist statement can open the door to a thoughtful critic, or it can make the same critic slam the door shut and never look back. I help artists write statements that bring viewers closer to their work and make inroads with galleries, museums, and the press.

I will view your work and speak with you at length about your medium, process, and intentions before we begin drafting. I will draft 2 versions and invite you to edit for content. Then, I will do a pass for line edits to make your statement crystal clear and economical. I will work with artists on a sliding scale with a base rate of $150. Tag on a bio on for another $100. Are you a starving artist? Ask me about bartering.

For Freelancers 

As a freelance writer myself, I understand the care and time it takes to push out articles, often under serious time constraints. I provide quick turnaround for news stories, essays, and reviews of all sorts. Rates vary.